Thursday, October 27, 2016

the phone says its raining but it is not

parsley and spinach are doing their things. by things, I mean growing. I hope they become big boyzzz if you know what I mean

this tropical fruit tree has yet to bear fruit but it keeps growing. I just transfered it to this 15 gallon doodad shindig cos it was hanging out in a 5 gallon bucket for I bit too long. the next day, this bone popped out of the ground!

My attempt at growing peas is taking off a little more than my attempt at growing pumps! Note to self. start pumpies in July! I'm prolly gonna pull out the buttnuts to the left. On the right under neath the white fence thing are some recent transplants from my nursery zone. lettuce and cabbage! 

OMG formatting on this blog shindig is going hay2ir4e! I'm just trying to tell you what's up with the garden yallsies! 
We've had slugs for a loooooong time and they are kinda getting outta control population wise. kind of like us humans on the earth! For the past week I resorted to buying a 12 pack here and there and giving some to them and giving some to me! (IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!) its sad really, but Ima gonna look into improving soil culture so I don't have to keep giving money to the rich greedy HOPS conspiracy death corporations! (LOOK UP WHY WE HAVE HOPS VS. YARROW IN OUR BEER!

still getting some CUKES. (kind of) looks like we're gonna get some finally after a month of battle the CUKE EATERS from the bowels of demon bug society! STAY THE FUCK TUNED!


wow. formatting is really making me be very vocal now. My roomies are prolly like all WTF! 
Anyhow, my friend Max just brought this shit over and I'm gonna take his sugGESTion and plant some minty things here in isolation!