Saturday, October 29, 2016

A blog called "plants".

This little guy is going to the Market! Just kidding!!!! he's staying right here at Little Droplets! when it rains and when it shines. when the grey clouds are all stacked up on the white ones and you are so sad that you can't leave your bed, this little friend is here and he'll say "What's up", simply if you give them the time.

I've always said (actually, I don't think I've ever said this at all, nor have I prolly concretely thought it out loud in my head... though, I feel, like many other things that I feel, that this has coalesced from many things that I HAVE come to know and that if SOMEONE ELSE were to point out this same thing, I would say, 'you know, yr prolly right', because I have thought and seen these other things to be true, and even though I haven't pointed directly at THIS, I feel like my person brain has ALWAYS been aware of this) that plants come from plants! Its quite easy to see because, they just do! But plants also come from friends. They really do! For example, these ones here, pictured next to these pigeon preventors, have come from new and old friends.

I WAS reading Dosteyevski's "Demons" and one character to another was complaining that the character that they were speaking AT, had "Gone to Seed". And they said it over again and in a few different ways. For some reason, I had great difficulty grasping just what exactly was being said here. Gone to seed, gone to seed, I said over in my brain, with a long and contemplative "hmmmmmmm".  Most of the time when I'm reading Dosteyevki and I don't understand a passage, there usually is a small number at the end of it denoting where in the back of the book, I will then be made to understand. Here, though, it was plain as a fart, that I should already have known what it had meant to have "Gone to seed". 
I finally understood this of course, after some lettuce bolted and then afterward had "Gone to seed"! Hell Yeah! Now I fucking GET IT! MOMMY.
Pictured here are NOT the seeds I planted, because I didn't take a picture of them yet. But here are some cabbage starts, from something that has quite simply, Gone to seed. 

  Here is where I have dwelled on, "why", too many times. Why do the bugs eat first what I want to eat? Every single fucking time. So one day I went to the market and bought HELLA GARLIC. I stuffed the ground so full it that it may as well have been a great big bowl of GARLIC SOUP! Take THAT you STUPID bug creatures! I really wish you would think of others.....  as yr being repelled from this stinking rose of uh THANG.
I'm getting a little long winded on this on this post. Here Here (hear hear), we all say to the great BREVITY lord that looms over PUNK LAND. But do you not fantasize with words in yr brain too, when you see and think about things future and past? Sometimes you have nothing to say at all and all you can do with your expression is meditate about how glad you are about being with a wonderful community of freaks. Sometimes that is boring for your other freak punk friends though. We are not ALWAYS into EVERY thing.

So here it is, a pepper bush that finally gets it. The sun is up YO. 

Friday, October 28, 2016

I do not know yet if not having to water the plants today is pleasurable or not...

An extremely tall sun flower used to be held up with this two by four.  Some time during this past summer, I found that it needed help standing up. I was around and saw to it with what was around. The remains of this flower are in two places. The seeds, Jeff and I "harvested" and have remained in multitude, and for the most part, on a large sheet of paper that I would normally use for drawing.  The seeds are typically arranged as a bulb with a thick stem. This is a common composition.
Part of the thick stem of the giant flower remains in our compost pile still. After a couple of months, it has become quite diminished-- but oh boy, it is still there.

A fan of water, my cat Henry, follows me out to the garden after I feed him when I go to water the plants. He enjoys licking the droplets off of crowded kale leaves. When I stepped out to the porch this morning, he was already licking rain water off of these leaves of this Poblano plant. "Oh there you are Henry!" I voiced.

This poblano plant was all set up to be the next king. It was boasting a second "crop" of peppers.  now look at it. It balls its peppers into fists of anger. It is a pity how it is unable to tell the sky to stop raining water. If it were able to, I bet the sky would at least consider just what this pepper plant contributes to the world before making its next decision about whether to rain or not.

If you grow tomatoes inside, you should agitate the flowers so that they are more likely to fruit. Just saying! That's what I learned, anyhow. I only grew 7 tomatoes in our kitchen but many many more else where. However, as soon as these boys turned red, someone else had them first! Imagine how frustrating that was! I sent out a mass text saying something like "Since I tend to them, I'm calling dibs on the next round of big boys...they are out of season right now". One of the replies I got back had nothing to do with tomatoes at all! I find that this is quite common in contemporary communication-- of which I SINCERELY HOPE is at very least noted in all of the Communication 101 courses in our schools of higher education! Anyhow, what they said was, "I tend to graze the Kale, with an eye toward sustainability".  Indeed you do! (see pic)

When it rains in Funk Town it smells like Alaska. I was born at 2 in the morning in December in the Tundra up there. One could say that I was "born into darkness".  I actually quite enjoy saying this about myself. I find it to be a humorous anecdote for my biographical being.
I've been up to Juneau, Yakutat, Anchorage on several occasions, but I do not remember seeing cactus.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

the phone says its raining but it is not

parsley and spinach are doing their things. by things, I mean growing. I hope they become big boyzzz if you know what I mean

this tropical fruit tree has yet to bear fruit but it keeps growing. I just transfered it to this 15 gallon doodad shindig cos it was hanging out in a 5 gallon bucket for I bit too long. the next day, this bone popped out of the ground!

My attempt at growing peas is taking off a little more than my attempt at growing pumps! Note to self. start pumpies in July! I'm prolly gonna pull out the buttnuts to the left. On the right under neath the white fence thing are some recent transplants from my nursery zone. lettuce and cabbage! 

OMG formatting on this blog shindig is going hay2ir4e! I'm just trying to tell you what's up with the garden yallsies! 
We've had slugs for a loooooong time and they are kinda getting outta control population wise. kind of like us humans on the earth! For the past week I resorted to buying a 12 pack here and there and giving some to them and giving some to me! (IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!) its sad really, but Ima gonna look into improving soil culture so I don't have to keep giving money to the rich greedy HOPS conspiracy death corporations! (LOOK UP WHY WE HAVE HOPS VS. YARROW IN OUR BEER!

still getting some CUKES. (kind of) looks like we're gonna get some finally after a month of battle the CUKE EATERS from the bowels of demon bug society! STAY THE FUCK TUNED!


wow. formatting is really making me be very vocal now. My roomies are prolly like all WTF! 
Anyhow, my friend Max just brought this shit over and I'm gonna take his sugGESTion and plant some minty things here in isolation!